The looks in the video for Blackpink's new collaborative track Ice Cream featuring Selena Gomez have caught the attention of many viewers. Here's a look at their personal styles both on and off stage.

Blackpink Ice Cream Video

Blackpink dropped their collaborative track Ice Cream with Selena Gomez last week and fans are still raving about the music video. Ice Cream became the second fastest music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube in less than 48 hours, second only to Blackpink's latest drop How You Like That.

What caught the attention of many were the outfits worn by the girls in the video, a mixture of fantasy and luxury. Kitschy-cute is super popular right now and the members of the famous group have managed to combine branded pieces with teen trends to achieve a unique style.

The accessories were mostly over the top, with the girls sporting fun pieces like a candy ring from Korean brand Mikshimai, reminiscent of the kind of childhood candy you can buy at the corner store.

Keeping with the sweet theme, the girls also sported adorable gummy bear earrings and oversized hair clips and hair bows. In true Blackpink fashion, the girls also racked up thousands of dollars worth of high-end jewelry, like Dior brooches and Bulgari necklaces.

Blackpink's “High Teen” Look

In the video, the girls have stuck to the “High Teen” look that's taking South Korea by storm, with both Rosé and Jennie wearing adorable coordinating outfits, with thick headbands for added elegance.

While the girls demonstrate the typical uniformity in girl group outfits, Blackpink stands out from other K-pop bands with each girl's outfit featuring a touch of her own personal style. Here's a breakdown of the four members' fashion personalities.

Blackpink member styles

Copy Blackpink's Style: These These are her looks according to her personality!

Jennie's off-stage style is a mix of casual pieces and items from her favorite luxury brand, Chanel. Although being the global ambassador for the fashion house influences her fashion choices, she says she has loved the brand since she was a child and often borrowed her mother's Chanel items.

This inspiration may explain why Jennie incorporates classic Chanel pieces into her everyday clothes. Even in the Ice Cream music video, Jennie is sporting a vintage Chanel fanny pack and hand warmer.

Jennie's personal style is comfortable and feminine with little hints of her childish personality, something her fans love. Every bag she sports, whether it's a casual bag or the latest Chanel candy, is adorned with an adorable oversized key ring or two.

Jennie also likes to wear pastel silk scrunchies in her hair or on her wrist as a bracelet, as seen on the band's Instagram account. During practice room days, she's often seen in oversized T-shirts and patterned socks, while casual outings call for something a little more structured: crop tops and jeans or a long skirt.

Lisa's stage style skews toward experimental sport, and stylists dress her up in oversized leather jackets or technical gear. Her model-like build and exotic doll-like features allow her to pull off these looks easily. At Ice Cream, she was given the most different outfit: a sporty corset with puff sleeves from Diy By Panida.

Lisa's off-stage style is a different story, and she brings out her softer side in classic clothing. She often carries handbags, usually by Celine or Bulgari, brands that she represents. Lisa really likes skinny jeans and pants paired with feminine tops. Its appearance is elegant and classic, and a great mix of solid colors and clean lines.

She is also an avid photographer and artist, which she loves to highlight in her fashion choices. Her overall look can lean towards vintage, and she makes great use of jackets to give her outfits some structure, complementing one of her biggest features: her shoulders.

Jisoo's style screams girl next door, something consistent both on and off stage. She is given the most conventional and feminine look of the four girls, perhaps because her physical appearance conforms more to typical South Korean beauty standards. She often wears knitwear like cardigans and prefers headpieces like hats and headbands.

Looking like a sweeter version of Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, Jisoo often looks like she stepped right off the US TV show. She prefers textures in what she wears: knits, tweeds and pleats, as well as colors bright. Her fondness for her hats is evident in the Ice Cream music video, where she dons a fishnet beret by Dior, a brand she endorses.

That doesn't mean Jisoo is in disguise all the time; She is known for her cheerful and easy-going personality, something that she shines through when she chooses to dress more casually. She still manages to make something like an oversized t-shirt look good by pairing it with a cardigan and boots. Then again, she could go out in sweats and still look gorgeous.

Rosé's style is the current go-to for all teens: too girly, but it highlights all of her best assets, including her ripped waist. In the music video, she wears a crop top paired with a skirt, flattering her figure.

Off-duty, Rosé tends to wear a simple white crop top and a funky, sporty print bandage skirt. She's always in style but not like she's trying too hard.

Rosé also often wears her tops with cargo pants or mom jeans, adding a tomboyish edge to her outfits while looking 100% feminine, which isn't easy to pull off.

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When Rosé makes a girl, she goes all out. She wears comfortable maxi dresses offstage and rocks an amazing mini when she performs. It's the little details she adds to the outfit that tie them together: tiny gold initial pendants for a touch of finesse and pulling her hair back into a half-up style. Many male fans often comment that they would love their girlfriends to dress up as Rosé.


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