In the Casa Rosada a secretary who has since 2015 and directs a team of three people handle the protocol agenda.And it is she who coordinates with other secretaries - especially and more than anything - of Carolina Stanley and María Eugenia Vidal the official organization chart of institutional visits.Visits that, as Juliana Awada has been demonstrating since she returned with Macri three weeks on vacation, could be more frequent than in 2018.In the last two, he was twice in La Matanza and in Chaco.

It is an election year and its image provides an important media value and above all does not present the wear that does accumulate almost all of the officials.And the president.In addition, she runs with an advantage, "speak" only for communications and phrases in social networks.That is, in practice, it does not speak.And in times of crisis as the present added to the mentioned wear and tear, it is almost key that the Casa Rosada blings all access to the media.With irony, it is said that he could give telephone interviews and that the answers are given by Carolina Stanley whose tone of voice is similar - not to say identical - to that of the first lady.

Private.But in addition to that armor that implies the public function, Juliana Awada has one more personal and that precedes its current investiture.And he is the one who integrates a group of friends with whom he shares time randomly.A sieve of who are "more friends" could give it social networks.They on the indication and with all logical care, have posted photos in the residence of Olivos with Awada and even with Antonia Macri.Also in private meetings such as birthdays of some of them or exits to eat, an activity that does not abound in the weekly agenda of the first lady.

Only.For being familiar and the older sister, Zoraida Awada is perhaps the most important of Juliana's "red circle".Beyond being who takes care of the daughters - Valentina and Antonia - when he travels abroad, there is no doubt that he is the one who knows her most.Even in less formal situations such as dinners of media NGOs that Juliana used to go, it is Zoraida who replaces her.

En el

Almost all are friends with her before she becomes first lady

Cindy Tepperman is another member.She is Eduardo Cohen's wife whom Mauricio Macri calls her best friend.Actually, the link with the Cohen - whose millionaire and Brazilian mother, Lili, has connections with the European and North American elite - is mostly with the Awada.It is in the house that they have in Villa La Angostura where the presidential couple passes the summers.That is, in Cumelén there is a house where they base, but it is in Cohen's where they spend most of the day due to the generous dimensions, comfort and privacy that this property has.Cindy Cohen is one of those who have enabled the inn in photos with her, but does not abuse.His public profile aims more to exhibit his role as a film producer.In fact, he was in 2018 in the Films team like Rodrigo and the less thought love.

Surname with power.For belonging to families that contribute to the National GDP, there are two members who make discretion a natural condition.They are Cathrine Roemmers and Natalie Sielecki;The latter also usually shares moments in Villa La Angostura because her political family has the premium hostel Las Balsas.And it is rumored that it was the one who facilitated his department of Saint Germain des present when in 2018 Juliana made a private trip of five days to Paris.Pamela Marcuzzi de Saguier also handles the issue of privacy.He was one of Juliana's witnesses at her civil wedding with Macri.The same could not cross that the first lady gives a report to any of the media of her political family.

The fashion.Andrea Martínez is a fashion designer, but not massive and does not have a store to the street.But their garments look like a Tukouture brand: the conjunction of "tucumana" (she is) with the French word.When Juliana was just the wife of a Macri Chief of Government, she used to put something of her to help her enhance her products.The "tucu", as everyone knows, is one of Awada's historical friends and another of those who sometimes posts an image that endorses that issue.But although he has a lot of social activity, his mouth is sealed when he sees that there is suspicious interest and curiosity from an interlocutor that she knows little...Or do you know.

Juliana Awada in campaign: she visited the killing again, key district for Macri

Also dedicated to fashion is Romina Pigretti, the partner of Micaela Tinelli, in the Geneva brand.With them he also applied the same supporting strategy to the firm, sometimes clothing of that brand.One, otherwise mediated, was Macri's visit to the EE.UU.Trump.There Awada used a red suit that brought some controversy.Both also shared some trip to Paris - she previous the assumption - to see trends.

In the case of Pontoriero Georgina, the fashion character comes from its past as an internnational model between the 80s and the beginning of the 90s.In your case it is those who also profess family friendship with, for example, the ROEMMERS.

Sometimes this group is added to fashion such as Marina Lafuente, infallible at the end of the year in Cumelén, Sandra Hillard and Evangelina Bomparola that, for having been a couple of Franco Macri, adds an additional link to her role as a designer ofGarments that Awada also used in protocol acts.There is another friend like Marina Laurence with a very low profile, but of high arrival.

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