Face to face with the promoter of the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium: defends the work

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium (ESY) plans to build two thousand parking drawers, not 1,600 as stated initially, which would be done under the stadium building, but not underground, says César Esparza Portillo, Director of the Ball Game YoNC, driver of the work.

He adds that in addition to the drawers, the Airbnb apps operation is expected to rent private parking spaces, in places near the stadium, instead of building huge concrete plates for cars for cars.

"Yon the world the paradigm in parking is changed, following the emergence of Uber -type platforms, which causes people to reach the stadiums in rental vehicles," explains Esparza Portillo.

Yon an interview with Diario de Yucatán, the businessman rejects that the land where the stadium will be built is small."Great stadiums are no longer made as before, that has already happened," he says.

He adds that there is already an agreement with the state government to buy the land where the normal Rodolfo Menéndez de la Peña worked, at $ 10,000 the square meter, "which is the market value".

Since September, when the construction of the stadium was announced, many expressed their disagreement, including the executives of the architects of architects, residents of the area, urban planners, etc., because they consider that this land of four hectares is very small to house a stadiumand its building would aggravate the traffic problems that are already in that part of the city.

Yon addition, they criticized the claim of the developer to do only 1,600 parking drawers (that was said in the official announcement), and complete the rest of the drawers using the parking lots of the commercial squares and nearby supermarkets, against the construction regulations of the construction regulations of the construction regulations of the construction regulationsCity hall.

This newspaper also published that Esparza Portillo, apparently, lacked experience as a stadium builder (promoted one in Monterrey and another in Verona, Yotaly and none has been done);And that the conformation of your company Ball Game YoNC.Yon Delaware, one of the fiscal paradises of the United States, raised suspicions.

To solve the doubts, Esparza Portillo gave Yucatan a wide interview -"Yo think what has lacked our proposal a better communication" -, whose spinal parts we reproduce below.

¿Cómo surge la idea de hacer un estadio en el estado de Yucatán?

As in everything, there are simultaneous stories.Yon this case, stories that developed in Barcelona, Kagoshima, New York and Mérida are intertwined.

Yon 2017, Yo gave a conference in Barcelona at The Stadium Business Summit event where Yo exposed the need and urgency to develop stadiums in a sustainable way.There Yo explained the problem that traditional stadiums are not sustainable due, among other factors, to which huge buildings are absurdly underutilized (less than 100 hours a year are used).

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One of the key strategies of environmental, social and economic sustainability is to raise the stages of the future as urban, multipurpose (for various sports) and mixed uses that serve their community and generate jobs every day of the year of the year.

At the end of my exhibition, the Kagoshima delegation, Japan, approached me to ask if it is possible to develop a stadium that works properly for football and baseball (the Japanese, like Mexicans, both sports love) love.Yot is not an easy question to answer.

Yo explained that getting work perfectly in the same stadium, sports such in court geometry and stands as football and baseball, is a very technically complex challenge that we had been investigated for years.

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The history of stadiums for baseball and American football that were built in the United States in the 60s and 70s, such as the astrodome (of Houston), had finally been replaced by specific stages for each sport.

However, with new technologies and advances in dynamic architecture, it is now possible to develop a stage for both sports, with the correct geometry of the playing field and perfect visibilities for each.

Kagoshima is not the only city in the world that requires a football and baseball stadium.Medium cities in the United States, Mexico and many Latin American countries have a hob.

With these reflections, we decided to get more thoroughly to develop, with the technology of the 21st century, the technical solution for soccer and baseball stadiums of the future, but in all this process, Yo was already thinking about another city that Yo knew very well andthat had the same need: Mérida.Here there is also the challenge of solving soccer and baseball in the same stadium.Mérida has a great baseball and football hobby, and a potential to grow at the highest level in both sports.

There is a deer interest in going up to the First Division of the MX League, for which they need a new stadium.Also for other projects where we have worked, we know the interest of the major baseball leagues to have stadium options in Mexico.

Yon addition the above factors, the idea was maturing, and on a visit to London, Yo asked my populous friends, the most important sports architecture firm in the world, that there is no better place to develop the stadium of the future, than the capitalof the Mayan world.They joined the idea enthusiasticly.

¿Por qué en Mérida y no en otra ciudad como Cancún o Veracruz?

Veracruz we have not analyzed.Yon the case of Cancun, it is a place with great potential to develop a show or show of shows oriented mainly to international tourism.

Yucatan has extraordinary conditions.To start, and this is a fundamental issue to attract events such as Major League Baseball, Yucatan is the safest state of Mexico.Yon addition, it has a hospital, talented and prepared population;And it is a very attractive destination for visitors, both from Mexico and abroad, given its natural, historical, cultural and gastronomic wealth.

[video width = "1920" height = "1080" mp4 = "https: // www.Yucatan.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/estadio-sostenible-Yucatan-1.MP4 "] [/VYoDEO]

Deer and lions are teams that have great hobby and with potential to grow.Mérida's air location and connectivity are also strategic, with direct flights from the most important cities in the country and several United States hubs.

However, an issue that Yucatan needs to complement its tourist and services infrastructure is a sustainable and multipurpose stage at the height of its potential.A stadium that celebrates the extraordinary history of Yucatan, and that at the same time contributes to building its future.

¿Quién y en qué momento se lo planteó al gobernador?

For about six years, in the summer of 2015, we began working on the idea of developing a new stadium in Mérida.

At that time we did not touch the door or the government of the State or the municipality, since from the beginning we had the hypothesis of doing so for football and baseball, but, as Yo mentioned in the case of Kagoshima, it was a solution that, although technically viable, it was not yet developed at the level we wanted.

Yon 2018, we reached a technical conclusion that the dynamic architecture solution in which we had been working, even works with adequate isopics in all the seats of the high stand, which the previous stages of the United States of the 60s and70s like the astrodome, they had not achieved, since they did not rotate their high stand.The “Yucatán Stadium" project has a flexibility of Swiss razor.Yot is a beautiful engineering solution.

At the end of 2018, we approached Governor Vila and proposed our intention to develop in Yucatan, with private investment, a multipurpose stadium for football and baseball at the highest level and with all the premises of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

¿Cuál es su experiencia en la construcción de estadios?

The stadium industry is extremely complex, requires specialists in all areas, multidisciplinary solid equipment is required.There is no company that can do everything.Of course there are cases of stadiums, especially in the public sector, where a government with a local construction company took care of everything, but those projects are generally not sustainable and often end up being "white elephants".

Yon our case, we have an experience of more than 15 years in the management, conceptualization, execution and coordination of sports infrastructure.This experience and strategic relationships allowed us.

Companies and institutions such as Populous, the largest stadium developer in the world (have made three Olympic stadiums and dozens of NFL and MLB stadiums), Legends (operator and marketer of stadiums created by the New York Yankes and the jeans and the jeansde Dallas), Three (specialists in environmental sustainability), PMP (Work Management that was in charge of the construction of the BBVA stadium in Monterrey), Moyeda (one of the most prestigious structural engineering firms in Mexico), and a great teamof local experts.Each and every one of these companies and people, plus community participation, and social, business and government sectors, are fundamental to the successful development of the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium.

¿Cuál es el nombre de los inversionistas y los fondos de inversión que meterán dinero al proyecto?

Economic sustainability is based on the fact that the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium is a building that will be used, will provide services and generate jobs every day of the year.The business model has three basic components: stadium, hotel and real estate, each with investors and expert operators.

Cara a cara con el promotor del Estadio Sostenible de Yucatán: defiende la obra

The investment structure is being led by AD CAP, which is a signature with extensive experience in financial structuring based on Miami.Mexican investors also participate in the capital structure, Monterrey -based funds, and Yucatán investors will be invited.

¿Cuándo se fundó Juego de Pelota Yonc, y por qué se registró en Delaware?

Yot was founded five years ago.More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 75% of all new initial public offers in the USA.UU.They are incorporated into Delaware.Yot is not due to taxes, although Delaware, like any other state, tries to maintain its low and competitive corporate tax rates.

There are two main reasons for the domain of Delaware in the corporate incorporation business.One reason is that Delaware has a modern and updated law that clearly specifies what companies can and cannot do.

The other reason is the quality of the courts and judges of Delaware.Delaware corporations can expect their legal disputes to be resolved quickly and expert by judges who specialize in corporate law.

La empresa Juego de Pelota México y Estadio Sostenible de Yucatán, ¿Son filiales de Juego de Pelota Yonc.?

Mexico ball game is a YoNC ball game subsidiary.Sustainable Stadium of Yucatán S.A.P.Yo.Yot is a specific purpose company for the development of this stage.

Yot is a model known as Stadco, which is used by leagues such as NFL and financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs for the development of new stadiums.

¿Por qué no se ha construido el estadio de Monterrey, que usted promovió hace varios años?

The years that the Monterrey stadium has taken to be completed is a relatively common issue in the stadium industry.Yankee Stadium took more than twelve years on planning until the conditions to specify it were aligned.The same happened with the new Wembley.Yon the case of the Monterrey Stadium there have been several circumstances in its history that, as a friend would say, “gives to make a Netflix series."

The first is that the original proposal was a stadium to be shared both by Tigres and Rayados, as in New York with the NFL stadium for jets and giants, or in Milan for both teams in series A.At that time Rayados decided to go ahead on his own with the BBVA Stadium, in which Populous also participated who is one of the main ball game allies.

Subsequently, for reasons that were not techniques, but of paradigm or prejudice, a permit from Conagua was not obtained to build a bridge on which the stadium on the Santa Catarina River was cemented in an extraordinary iconic technical solution.

The project has finally benefited from the time it has taken, has solidified, technology has advanced, Tigres has grown greatly, now the NFL has more inventory of international parties, there is a new government in Nuevo León determined tomake it a reality and the disposition of the UANL to carry it out.Very soon there will be news of what will be one of the most important stadiums in the world.

¿En qué va la construcción del Nuova Arena di Verona? ¿Es verdad que el proyecto enfrenta oposición del Cabildo y de vecinos?

Juego de Pelota ganó hace dos años la Declaratoria de Yonterés Público para desarrollar el nuevo estadio para Verona, para ser usado por dos equipos en ese momento en la Serie A del fútbol italiano: el Hellas Verona y el Chievo Verona.This assignment is a responsibility that we have taken with enormous humility, enthusiasm and responsibility.

Sin duda la pandemia, la cual hay que recordar comenzó en Yotalia en el momento que nos fue asignado el proyecto, ha sido un reto, al igual que uno de los dos equipos que iba a utilizar el estadio, el Chievo Verona, dejó de existir.However, the project was redesigned to adapt to the new environment and is underway in the process of technical and financial approval.This stadium includes a Hilton hotel and an entrepreneurship, similar to what is being raised for the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium.Yot is true that, as everywhere, people are never lacking for political or other interests, they try to hinder a beneficial work for the community in employment, spill and projection of the city.

Vender un activo valioso del gobierno, el terreno de Cordemex, a una empresa registrada en Delaware parece sospechoso, ¿Nope lo cree?

Nope.The question rather seems tendentious. Más del 66% de las compañías de Fortune 500They are incorporated into Delaware y, como ya dijimos antes, la razón no es fiscal, es el marco jurídico y reglas claras que ofrece su legislación.

Yon this sense, it should be clarified that the Yucatan government, by selling the land to market value for a strategic work, is achieving a huge benefit to the population, since a common practice in Mexico and the world is for governments to contribute the landNo cost for stadium development.

Examples abound, but to cite a couple of recent cases, the land of the BBVA of Monterrey was contributed in bailment for 60 years by the Government of Nuevo León.Yon the case of Guanajuato, the state government recently bought land to contribute it to the building of the future León stadium.Yon the case of Mazatlan, the Sinaloa government contributed both the land and the cost of the building of the stadium.

Criticize the scheme achieved by the state of Yucatan for the Sustainable Stadium of Yucatán, clearly beneficial for the State, lacks context.

(The newspaper repeatedly requested an interview with César Esparza since the first questions arose to the project)

¿Qué precio se especifica en el acuerdo de compra venta firmado por los empresarios?

10,000 pesos per square meter, which is the relatively high market value at this time for a property of those dimensions and location.

¿A qué empresa se le venderá el terreno: Juego de Pelota México, Estadio Sostenible de Yucatán o Juego de Pelota Yonc.?

ASustainable Stadium of Yucatán S.A.P.Yo., which is a specific purpose for the development of the stadium, such as stadiums anchored by investment benches in the model known as Stadco, which is widely used by financial institutions that participate in sports infrastructure projects, such asFor example, it was the scheme with which Goldman Sachs funded the new Santa Clara stadium for the 49res of San Francisco.

¿Qué otras opciones se consideraron antes de Cordemex? (Ciudad Caucel, Teya, Umán, Pensiones, terreno de Mitza…)

Various options were considered, but it was finally decided by which the option that was most sustainable from the perspective of the LEED certification (energy leadership and environmental design), which has a specific chapter for sustainable sites and transportation.This category measures the impact that the choice of a place on the local environment can have to reduce the impact on the ecosystems and resources of the area.This impact can be reduced by several ways such as the choice of land with good accessibility, near services and high density areas, so that travel time reduction decreases CO2 emissions and the impact on natural environments generated by theMotor vehicles.

¿Por qué no realizar el estadio fuera de la ciudad?

It is a frequent question, especially in Mexico where we have so much influence from the United States, for better, and for worse.The idea of stadiums outside the city is a case of American influence for evil.In the United States, in the sixties and seventies mainly, suburban stadiums surrounded by hectares of parking lots were developed.

At that time it was the postwar period and the car paradigm became the central axis of the daily activity of the Americans.American Dream was linked to the use of the car for everything.Consequently, the development of many US cities of those decades had the car as the master and lord of urban planning.This car -centered paradigm has generated serious damage to the environment.Fortunately, we have matured as a society and we know that the future cannot depend exclusively on the use of the car.

European cities are fascinating because they are walkable.The stadiums that can be reached on foot such as Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid or the Fenway Park in Boston are loved by fans, and are also an economic spill engines in shops, restaurants and bars around its surroundings.In an increasingly aware world of environmental issues, slow, gradual, but inexorably, we will stop thinking about the suburb, isolated to the city and dependent on the car, as an acceptable idea.

In the near future, I would say an imminent present, in advanced cities, urban planning will favor the development of high density, compact, mixed uses where the space of living, working and recreation will be at walking distances.The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium is an urban acupuncture point with the vision of serving as an anchor to one of the most exemplary entertainment and residential districts of Mexico and the world.

Algunos creen que el terreno dónde se plantea la construcción del nuevo estadio es muy pequeño para el tamaño de la obra ¿Qué responde a esto?

Nope es un terreno pequeño.It is an ideal land for the work.The stadium fits like the Cinderella shoe: perfect, it is not small, but it is not big.There are people who apparently hoped to see a stadium in a huge property of 40-60 hectares, but in these moments of an environmental awareness, how could anyone argue that impacting dozens of hectares of land and ecosystems would be better?

Sustainability has three RS: recycle, reuse and reduce. La más “famosa" de las 3 Rs es reciclar, pero es la menos verde.Recycling involves spending energy to submit used materials to a transformation process so that they can be used again.Reusing is better than recycling.But if we really want to take care of the environment, we must prioritize the R to reduce.And this begins with reducing the square meters of land where we place a building.In sustainability, less is more: intention is less impact on the ground, use less energy, use less water, and have lower transfer distances.

¿Cuántos metros cuadrados de construcción estarán sobre el terreno planteado?

The land has about 40 thousand square meters.The total building, including the two levels of parking lots, the building, and the stadium itself (stands, dressing rooms, courts) will be more than 100 thousand square meters.

¿Se plantea la adquisición del terreno de la estación de bomberos, gasolinera y predios colindantes?

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium project includes a new fire and police station, as well as a heliport for police use.This helipad can also be used to move people in a medical emergency, or transfer an international artist to a concert at the stadium.

¿Se planea dar a conocer el proyecto ejecutivo del estadio como respuesta a las críticas del mismo?

Of course.It is a complex project, I love mathematics, I say that this stage is a simultaneous equation of multiple variables. Hemos pasado los últimos meses/años un equipo sumamente profesional, creativo y capaz resolviendo las ecuaciones simultáneas que este proyecto implica: especificaciones de FYoFA; MLB; vialidades, estacionamientos, seguridad, medidas anti-terrorismo, regulaciones ambientales, municipales, estatales, federales, y un largo etcétera.

In this battle we have been fortunate to have the participation, ideas and creativity of Yucatan experts.We will announce the technical solution not only with the purpose of giving peace of minds, but also to receive new ideas that can enrich the project.

¿Qué responde ante la queja de los vecinos del ruido que se ocasionará en la zona habitacional?

Acoustic engineering in stadiums has advanced greatly in recent years.It is possible to design an acoustic solution to protect, cushion, or encapsulate the music of a concert to nearby housing areas through roof design and other strategies.At the same time, acoustic engineering is used to improve the atmosphere and experience within the stadium, for example, to amplify the batons of the local team and cushion or silence the batons of the visiting team.The new Tottenham stadium, developed by our Populous ally, is very advanced in this regard.

¿Cómo se enfrentará la problemática de vendedores ambulantes en una zona habitacional?

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium includes a place with places designated for local vendors.Here it should be noted that the idea is to benefit neighbors offering opportunities to market food and any other type of merchandise.

Por el tamaño del estadio, ¿Se incumple el reglamento de áreas verdes del Ayuntamiento?

The stadium exceeds the regulation of green areas of the City Council.The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium will be a global example of vertical gardens, emulating on its home run wall to the vine of the mythical Wrigley Field in Chicago, as well as vertical gardens throughout the perimeter of the parking levels.

¿Se ocasionará tala de árboles y afectaciones a la flora y fauna del terreno? ¿Cómo se planea remediar la situación?

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium plans to plant almost two hundred trees in its squares.

¿En qué consiste el plan de remozamiento de las colonias aledañas del estadio? ¿Cuánto dinero se le invertirá?

We are preparing the plan together with the government of the municipality and the state.The idea is that the stadium district is the most pleasant place to live in Mérida.

Dado que la única vía de acceso es la calle 60, y las calles aledañas son muy angostas ¿Cómo se evitará una complicación en las vialidades? ¿Cómo se resolverá el problema del congestionamiento vial?

The problem of road congestion in stadiums is something that can be mitigated with adequate planning, design, technology and common sense.Orlando parks receive more people than those who receive a stadium for a Super Bowl, however, do not generate congestion on the highway.

The solution, explained in a super simplified way, is that the parking lots are able to receive the same amount or more of vehicles as those that arrive on the avenue that supplies them.The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium parking system is one of the most advanced in the world.It is designed to receive more cars per minute than those that can supply 60 street and it is also a reverse rates parking lot.

A reverse rates parking means that it is free if the person arrives with time before the event, and the price is increasing as the event time approaches.With this it is discouraged that everyone arrives at the time that the event begins and in this way traffic is mitigated and consumption in local shops is encouraged.There are many other similar successful strategies in the world, but not yet seen in Mexico, where the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium will be the avant -garde in our country.

¿Se cuenta con un estudio actualizado de aforo vehicular con las proyecciones de la presencia de un estadio?

Of course.We have been conducting these studies for the last two years, and the results have been included in the technical proposal.

Las obras de equipamiento que se deberán hacer, como es el caso del puente peatonal, la calzada de integración peatonal, etc. ¿Corren a cargo del Ayuntamiento o de los empresarios?

In all infrastructure works in the world, works of equipment, connectivity, and complementary infrastructure are made together with local, state and even federal governments, as the case may be.We must consider that infrastructure improvements are not for a particular project, but for the community in general, which can use them daily, regardless of whether there is an event or not.For example, it would be highly beneficial for Mérida that this work detonates a substantial improvement of public transport of the city.

En caso de ser a cargo del Ayuntamiento y dadas las limitaciones presupuestales de la Comuna ¿Con qué dinero se realizarán estás obras?

Nope estamos pidiendo obras específicas al municipio.However, it is very important to clarify that such a stadium, instead of being a fiscal burden, becomes a great source of tax income for the government.

I quote one example: events attract visitors, which pay lodging tax, which is a state tax in the case of Yucatan.That is only the tip of the iceberg, visitors leave an economic spill in hotels, taxi drivers, restaurants, shops, and throughout the city's economy.The lodging tax can be used to attract more events and repeat the cycle, or can be used in services, schools, security, and other population needs.

The stadium is, in summary, infrastructure that generates income to the public treasury via lodging tax, the tax for events and others.

La senadora Verónica Camino calculó $300 millones para estas obras, ¿Cuánto costarán?

We do not know what the works proposed by the Senator Camino consist of, and with pleasure we open a communication channel with her to listen to her ideas.

(In this link you can read the questions of Senator Verónica on the way to the work)

Explique el plan de estacionamiento...

Parking is an extremely important issue, not only from the point of view of operation, but also from the point of view of environmental sustainability.The two central messages in this topic are: First, the parking plan of the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium is sufficient and the most advanced stadiums.Second, parking in the world are having a paradigm shift from the environmental point of view and also from the technological point of view that it is necessary to take into account.

At the first point, referring to the parking lots are enough, the new design has more than two thousand parking drawers on site. Esto es más que los cajones que tienen actualmente el Carlos Yoturralde y el Kukulcán juntos.It is also important to put it in perspective, and I do not refer to comparing it with stadiums such as Santiago Bernabéu, Wembley or Yankee Stadium that practically do not have parking lots, since in those cases it could rightly argue that the collective transport system is first level.A relevant comparison would be the BBVA Stadium in Monterrey that was built with 3,200 drawers and is a 52,000 seats.The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium has a greater provision of parking lots proportional to its capacity and has a location that allows you to make synergies with surrounding parking lots in the case of large events, which the BBVA does not have.

The issue of parking paradigm change is the most important point that we must explain to the community.There are more and more studies where urban sustainability experts question the enormous amount of hectares of asphalt and concrete that parking parking in cities.That is changing, and for good. Por ejemplo, en la Ciudad de México, en el año 2014, el Yonstituto para la Política de Transporte y Desarrollo publicó un estudio sobre los estacionamientos en la CDMX titulado “Menos Cajones, Más Ciudad." En 2017 la Ciudad de México modificó la norma de estacionamientos, eliminando los mínimos de estacionamiento e imponiendo máximos.

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In European cities and cities like New York it is common.

Technology is promoting a change in the paradigm of the use of the car and parking lots.Many huge airport parking lots are now practically empty and bankrupt.the reason?Uber.Before it was common to park the car at the airport.

Today the trend is to reach the airport in Uber and similar applications, and in those cases the parking lot becomes unnecessary for the passenger.The same is happening in the stadiums.The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium includes a bay with direct access and integration with Uber Events, which is an Uber division specializing in events for events, as in some stages and sands of the United States, such as United Center in Chicago and others.

Technology also provides parking solutions such as apps used in the Minute Maid de Houston that allow owners of parking spaces near the stadium to offer their spaces to fans and thus generate an additional family or business income, in a modelsimilar to Airbnb, but for parking lots.The possibilities that technology gives us to plan a better and more efficient use of resources is fascinating, and the fact that Yucatan's sustainable stage is at the forefront of these issues is something that fills us with pride.

¿Dónde se planean hacer los cajones de estacionamiento?

It is a circular or radial parking under the stadium square.Something unique and very beautiful in the design of the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium is that, unlike most stages that are surrounded by parking lots that are ugly and hostile to the pedestrian, in our case, all cars will be under the squares and areas green.

¿Es factible un estacionamiento subterráneo, después de las experiencias en edificios cercanos como el Harbor?

We know the problem involved in the water table of Mérida.It is part of the variables of simultaneous equations that our group of experts has faced.The solution is relatively simple, rather than the parking lots, the stadium and its square are built on the ground of the land.

¿Puede explicar la idea de completar los cajones de estacionamiento utilizando centros comerciales y oficinas aledañas?

Of course.It is a common practice in many cities in the world.In virtually all NFL and MLB stages of the United States it happens.

This has not only environmental advantages, due to the reduction of parking lots that would be used a few hours a year, but also attract customers and consumption to neighboring commercials to the stadiums, which encourages employment and local economy.

¿Puede el municipio aprobar un plan de estacionamiento con una propuesta que depende de otras personas e intereses?

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium meets the parking requirements of the municipality of Mérid.

¿El plan de estacionamiento viola las normas actuales del municipio?

All the rules of the municipality in terms of parking lots have been taken into account, and have been complemented with the best practices in the world.This includes the measurements of the drawers, the minimum free height, the minimum width of input and exit lanes, the maximum slope of the ramps, the minimum radius in ramps curves and other applicable regulations.

Actualmente, la entrada a los estacionamientos de las oficinas y plazas comerciales es gratuita ¿Se comenzará a cobrar la entrada?

As a strategy to cushion traffic and encourage people to reach the stadium to different schedules, the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium has a parking lot in events with reverse rate system, which means that it is free if the person arrives with a certaintime before the event, and the price is increasing as the event time is approaching.With this it is discouraged that everyone arrives at the same time and traffic is mitigated.

¿Qué se responde a las críticas de los colegios de arquitectos del estadio y demás profesionales de urbanismo que consideran que le terreno es muy chico y ocasionará problemas de tráfico?

We have heard many opinions with openness and a genuine desire to understand the concerns of those who are experts in the city.In most of these talks that we have had, in many cases one by one, in short, out of protocols, and rather in open and friendly discussions, we have found enormous coincidences and vision alignment.

The vast majority of Yucatan architects and urbanists coincide with the need and urgency of traveling to a development of sustainable buildings, as well as in a vision of cities with limited urban growth, a transport -oriented development, mixed uses, spacesgreen audiences, and the incentive of the use of public transport.

¿Cuál será el precio de los boletos en el Estadio Sostenible de Yucatán

Ball game serves as a stadium developer.Ticket prices are set by the owners of the events, such as Venados, Lions, MLB or concert operators.

¿Cuál será el tamaño de los asientos?

All the seats are top quality seats, the minimum row width is 80 cm and the minimum separation between seat shaft is 50 cm.This is up or overcomes the convenience of seats of most stadiums and sands in the world.As a reference, the space we have in a seat of a commercial airline is generally 74 cm between rows and 46 cm wide between seat shaft.

¿Se pueden hacer juegos de la Selección Nacional de Fútbol o autorizados por la FYoFA en estadios tan pequeños?

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium is considered a medium stadium. Cuenta con, y en muchos temas excede, todas las especificaciones de FYoFA y su capacidad será flexible por tipo de evento, con lo que, de ser necesario podría aumentar su capacidad para adaptarse a un partido de un mundial de fútbol u otro evento internacional que lo requiera.

¿Cuánto pagarán Leones y Venados por jugar en el nuevo estadio?

For a stadium to be successful, it is essential that the equipment that uses it as a house is successful.

With that aligned interest, the objective of the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium is to provide deer and lions conditions to improve in all aspects, including the economic.

The stadium will not charge the equipment for rent, since they benefit from the fact that they provide the events that make the stadium used, thereby selling the boxes in a mutual benefit scheme.

Los accionistas de Leones y Venados ¿Podrán comprar acciones del estadio?

Nope es como está planteada la propuesta.Here applies the maximum of “Zapatero to your shoes." Los equipos profesionales tienen como objetivo principal ganar en la cancha, aumentar su base de aficionados y hacer crecer el valor de su franquicia.The purpose of the stadium is to provide the infrastructure to facilitate that it happens.

¿Juego de Pelota puede adquirir acciones de los equipos?

Nor is it in the interest of the ball game.Our approach is to develop the infrastructure of the highest quality, comfort, safety and technology so that the equipment or events use it in a mutual benefit scheme.

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