Invertia 400 entrepreneurs from Madrid, Barcelona and London, surrendered to the sports elite: Costa Cálida Sport Business

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Two success stories in sport extrapolable to the business world.On the one hand, the Olympic medalist of the Spanish Handball team, Eli Pinedo, and on the other, the mythical goalkeeper of Sevilla FC, Ramón Rodríguez 'Monchi'.The first, currently works in the Sanitas communication area, and the second, is the sports director of the Hispanic club.This Thursday the two have coincided in the International Business Congress: Costa Cálida Sport Business Region of Murcia.

This event that has an invertia-El Español.All of them interested in listening to personalities from the world of sport, such as the former International Defense who marked an era at Real Madrid, Fernando Hierro, or Ana Carrasco, the first pilot who conquered the categories of the 300 categories of the Superbike World Championship.

"Hiring an athlete in a company means taking sports values to the dynamics of any company: teamwork, solidarity and search for results", as Eli Pinedo has highlighted, during the interview that Teresa Cetulio, director ofExternal relations in Madison.In one of the questions, La'Guerrera '17 has sincere "the emotional transition" and "the mourning" that lived when he decided to leave the handball.

"I retired after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeirconfessed Pinedo, implying the importance of emotional intelligence, both in sport and in the business world.

"It is important to train the mind of an athlete and any worker to face personal potholes and complicated situations".Among the attendees of this event of'networking ', whose objective is to expand the network of professional contacts and forge business synergies, has also penetrated another advice of the former international handball player: "Talent makes you highlight, but the heart makes you transcend".

Invertia 400 empresarios de Madrid, Barcelona y Londres, rendidos a la élite deportiva: Costa Cálida Sport Business

Teresa Cetulio, director of External Relations at Madison, interviewing Eli Pinedo, Olympic Handball medalist who now works in Sanitas.

'Error theory' of 'Monchi'

The Congress program presented by the 7RM journalist, Fran Sáez, has gone from the passionate story of Pinedo, to the cold speech of 'Killer' of the football market that Monchi has offered: the sports director of Sevilla FC."I am 'Bilardista': I think that in the small details there are the big successes," said Ramón Rodríguez 'Monchi', to the public that this Thursday fills the Circus Theater of Murcia -where they allow the restrictions of the Coronavirus -.

"You have to work hard and have a clear road map to minimize the luck factor," he highlighted as one of the pillars that guide his sports project.Something extrapolable to any entrepreneurial initiative: do not set up a business to mount it in case the flute sounds."Work as a team, allows the division of tasks to avoid improvisation and multiply the results".

Such maxims have taken the club of his loves to win ten titles, under his sports baton, and to be able to sign players at the balance price, whose value is multiplied by four when he puts them in the market."Every month the members of my team, per person, visualize 600 to 700 games of all leagues, which we divide by groups, making ideal unances, and then screen on a selection of 1.500 players ".

Monchi has also pointed out that in the strategy that continues with the Hispanic Club, the application of the error 'theory' is included, when sports results do not accompany."If you are wrong, and you recognize it, you will continue to grow".Another of the key points of the former soccer player's conference has been the importance of surrounding himself with a good team of professionals, to whom you have to try to know personally to extract the best work performance.

"The leader is important, but without the group it is nothing," said Monchi, to immediately highlight: "You don't have to be afraid of competition, but incompetence.The characteristics of a work team must be those of specialist professionals, who assume responsibilities and work with passion: the only force that has no brake ".

The president of Murcia, Fernando López Miras (C), together with Antonio Ruiz and José García, Directors of Costa Cálida Region of Murcia Sport Business.CARM

Economic impact

The conference program, interviews and round tables continues this afternoon.In the break, Antonio Ruiz and José García, directors of Costa Cámid.Both Ruiz and Garcia have apostilled that "the goal is to generate business around the sport, turning this event into a meeting place for the business world".

This event does not stop growing since its creation four years ago and you best proof of this is the creation of a chair with the University of Murcia.The regional president, Fernando López Miras, has attended the opening of the Congress and has announced that region will house the first Spanish sport water games, which will be held from September 22 to October 2, 2022.

"Sport is a lever to grow, generate opportunities and employment through sports tourism", as López Miras has stressed."We have received 200.000 visitors interested in practicing in our community Nautical Sports and Golf Tourism has generated 3 million euros in revenue, "he said in his inaugural dice at the Circo Theater.

"Destationalizing tourism is one of our goals and that is why we are organized forty sporting events".López Miras has also influenced the importance of diving on Murcia beaches, as another hooks in the Sports-Turismo binomial.Sports diving has also been included in the programming of this Congress with solidarity dyes, since the collection of the box office will go to the Ambulance Foundation of Desire.

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