The actors David Verdaguer and Vicky Luengo visited 'El Hormiguero' this Monday to present the series 'Stories to not sleep'. Both interpreters have spoken with Pablo Motos about 'El Doble', the episode of this production in which they star and which is a remake of the antagonistic Spanish Television series by Chico Ibáñez Serrador that can already be seen on Prime Video.

Pablo Motos has started the program remembering that 'Stories to not sleep' was a series with which many viewers learned to be scared and he wanted to know if this Monday's guests like scary movies. "I do like them, I do enjoy them. I like being scared, I have a good time," said Vicky Luengo. "Not me because they scare me. I have a very bad time. I sleep with the light still on. It's not a joke. Well, I say it's for my daughter but in reality it's for me," said David Verdaguer, who also He has stated that he is afraid when he sleeps in a hotel. "I put the luggage thing behind the door because it doesn't have a peephole and it makes me very nervous," he added.

Vicky Luengo has explained the plot of 'El doble', the episode starring 'Stories to keep you awake'. "It is a futuristic story that is set in the year 2045 where there is the possibility that you buy a double of yourself and order him to do whatever you want, such as living parts of your life that you do not want or do not you feel like living or those you don't know how to deal with or manage", pointed out the Balearic actress. "It is a couple that has been together for a long time, it comes from having a bad time in the relationship and after doing therapy they are a little better but little by little it is discovered that he has bought a double to manage the bad times and potholes of life. relationship," he continued.

The story to not sleep Pablo Motos

Pablo Motos took advantage of this moment to comment that "there is a person, Ray Kurzweil, who is trying to make a replica of his father, who says that in the not too distant future, in about 50 years, human beings will have become obsolete and there will be to decide whether to give control to the machines. The presenter of 'El Hormiguero' wanted to know which side they would be on if there were to be a war between artificial intelligence machines and obsolete human beings. "I with the obsolete because the machines have neither empathy nor a sense of humor", David Verdaguer has stated.

David Verdaguer describes his friendship with Vicky Luengo

Vicky Luengo relata qué le sucedió la primera vez que besó a un chico:

Back in the series 'Stories to keep you awake', David Verdaguer and Vicky Luengo have told what it's like to be a couple in fiction. "I have worked very well, I am very happy. It is the same 'bug' that I am, that type of people that you sense have the same energy as you", the Mallorcan actress highlighted. "We are ass and shit," the Catalan actor stressed for his part. Vicky Luengo highlighted her co-star's "her sense of humour", while David Verdaguer highlighted her "her ability to work".

David Verdaguer has admitted that he eats two pieces of garlic every day, but he wanted to make it clear that afterward his breath does not smell of garlic. "They go in oil and do not repeat themselves," said the man from Girona. Vicky Luengo has confirmed it: "I have to say that I didn't notice it." Both actors have agreed to state that they do not like the 'photocall'. "I have a hard time, I get stiff," she commented. "I get very nervous because I don't know how to pose and I get very tense," he said.

The competition for the ugliest photo between Vicky Luengo and David Verdaguer

The secrets of David Verdaguer and Vicky Luengo, revealed

Trancas and Barrancas have prepared a game for Vicky Luengo and David Verdaguer with which one has discovered new details about the other and, incidentally, very intimate secrets of both have come to light. Thus, for example, David Verdaguer has the strange hobby of looking at flats in Idealista, he worked as a 'stripper' at bachelorette parties - "I was left in my underpants, I had problems with clothes and it was more of a comic number than an erotic number", has narrated - and who recurrently dreams that she is Little Red Riding Hood and is being chased by many wolves. We have discovered that Vicky Luengo is very disgusted by cotton candy, when she had her first kiss with a boy, her device got hooked on his -"We both had a device and it was like we both got hooked and it took us a while to separate us", he has recounted - and lived in a house in which there was a ghost.

Marron tests the invisible kitchen of 'Cooking Surface'

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