They are inspired by nature, waste, recover and create materials, even in laboratories, with the purpose of offering the world restorative and replacement proposals for those who consume fossil resources and fuels.

They are bold designers and examples abound in all areas because creativity is a breath of breeze that flows without stopping.In some cases because of the specific need of the region where they live or for the desire to, according to Gandhi, be part of the change they want to see on the planet.And by the way, he is not afraid of failure: they take it as learning.

The awareness about the role that each one fulfills, however small, in participating in the new social, economic, environmental and cultural paradigm, is a powerful force that drives ingenuity.

This happens in the circuit of the companies that invest in green technologies and developments to be at the forefront of the wishes of consumers that demand transformations due to the outbursts suffered by ecosystems.

They also do it for global regulations and regulations established by the advance and impact of climate change.They invent or reinvent with echo criteria, give flight to curiosity, to encourage the failure to start over.To resignify everyday life and surprise with "unusual" ecological proposals.


Cassettes to make dresses.Benjamin Benmoyal, Franco-Israelí, transforms technological waste.Weave in loom cassettes, recycled threads and tencel, a wooden pulp material.

The It Was Better Tomorow collection is a shock in sight: attorney structural models stamped with color stripes and opalescent brightness.Vibrant and inspiring tones give a particular touch to the clothes that captivate the catwalks.

Benmoyal shows, in this almost theatrical way, that much of the techno elements can receive a treatment for postcosumo and become raw material for innumerable creations.


Egg shells in tiles.Egg shells are also a valuable raw material for the industry.The designer Elaine Yan Ling NG made a collection of coatings with shells discarded by bakeries.

The Elaine project is called Carrelé.The syllable ca, written in capital letters, refers to the calcium that is present in the shells.For being resistant and durable, they attracted the author.With them he developed tiles for walls and other uses, a collection that serves for different types of environments and spaces.


Recuperar chicles o hacer ropa con gelatina: cuando nada se pierde

Grapes to make a leather simile.In two014, Gianpier.

To make it, they extract the juice from the grape and separate the pomace from it.Isolated, the remains that are not used in the elaboration of the wine are dry and mixed mechanically with other components.

His company is called Vegeta and is in Milan, one of the fashion capitals and in a country in which viticulture is high flight.


Brick cigarette butts.As are among the large volume residues - in particular on the beaches - and they are large pollutants, scientists from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology of Australia (Rmit) discovered that the butt are a good element to add to the clay blocks, whatwhich makes them more light and resistant.

Thus, the remains of cigarettes become bricks for construction.In the country, Ciga Brick's firm of the Mendoza engineer Alexis Lemos.He does it with his own methodology based on microorganisms to degrade and detoxify them.


Gum recovered in shoes.The soles of the Gumshoe sneakers are reused gum.They created them in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.To collect them, place special containers for the walkers, instead of throwing them on the floor, they place them in containers.

In the United Kingdom, Anna Bullus worked for years in strategies to take advantage of chewing rubber.

A group of young people from Portugal paid attention to balloons that are dispersed by air at parties and that are a danger to birds.Gathering, they created Undo for Tomorrow, a brand with which they threw Nuven shoes, made in part with the bases of a material developed with old balloons and tires.


Bijouterie coffee waste.From coffee grains, a byproduct derives with which cups, containers, dishes and returnable lids are manufactured, long -lasting.

The Australian firm Huskeecup has a line of containers and trays portable by consumers and ideals for coffee shops.Ecological and design.

Meanwhile, in Taiwan, they make the singtex fabric, composed of 1.two to 1.5 percent of nano coffee particles and Rosalie McMillan designer bijouterie with transformed coffee beans.Waste are used as fertilizers, tinctures and cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Cocoa for bioplastic.Experimental studies of the Italian Institute of, in Genoa, dedicated to investigating potential uses of plant waste, found a new function for cocoa.Ilker Bayer uses it along with spinach and parsley stems, carrots and rice peels to give life to a bioplastic from which a moldable plastic mass arises.

In the Institute of Subtropical and Mediterranean Hortery of the University of Malaga they obtained an iridiscent bioplastic that reflects the colors of the rainbow.

Made with remains of cocoa fruit peels and cellulose agricultural waste, the material can be used as a sensor in the food sector or in toys and bookcakes: it looks like a plastic derived from oil.


The Baobab, to spread or drink.The Baobab is the Tree of The Little Prince, it is also known as "The Tree of Life".Its properties are known since antiquity both in food production and cosmetics.

In the pulp, leaves and seeds there are vitamins, proteins and minerals.Hence, oils for skin, nails and hair, creams, soaps and other beauty products began to appear in the market.

In ancient African villages, adults and boys were immersed in an infusion of Baobab leaves to relieve insect bites, cure wounds and treat other skin problems.The pulp of its fruit is soft and nutritious.They turn it into dust.Citric flavor, it is the basis of juices, desserts and yogurts without chemical aggregates.


Algae on buildings facades.The BIQ house (Bio Intelligent quotient) in Hamburg, Germany, is a four -story building hugged by a facade of glass inside which microalgae are developed dedicated to generate energy for the fifteen departments that compose it.

The construction consists of 1two9 panels of two.5 x 0.7 meters each and can move to follow the sun while they give them to the algae, extracted from a river and cultivated in the laboratory, the opportunity to expand.

Meanwhile, they flatten the noise that comes from outside.The development of the facade with algae was carried out by the companies Colt International, SSC LTD.and Arup, plus the support of the German government.


Jeatin to make dresses.Icelandic Valdis Steinarsdóttir creates garments with a kind of gelatin, biodegradable, translucent and adaptable to each body.

The gelatinous fabric is obtained from the mixture of gelifying agents derived from red algae, natural dyes and sugar alcohol, an element that gives flexibility and helps create clothes attached to the body, of sensual cutting.

With social change, Valdis bets on sustainable projects and experiences through recycling organic matter.Its objective is to reduce waste from the clothing industry.

Mirá tambiénMirá tambiénThe miracle of bamboo, the cane that serves almost everythingMirá también Mirá tambiénThe tree houses are already for adults and with all the luxuriesTopics that appear in this note


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