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One of the things I like most about our relationship is that you let me tell you what I want.This link has no chamuyo or zeal or algorithm.The situation may sometimes condition the epistle.Other times it may be an idea or a character that got into the insomnia and need to tell you.

We are heirs of an ideological dispute in football: Menottism against bilardism.Thrilling.Newspapers, books, conferences, sects and affiliates.Far from thinking about it as a bullshit, I think there was a level of discussion about the game that few countries in the world can exhibit in their showcases.

Simeone that discussion is passionate about.At the beginning of a new season, after obtaining the last Spanish league, I am to make us chase on it.

The eleven of Simeone

He caught him by his shoulder and proposed to sit down: "I tell you what the movie is like".João Félix expanded terror in his eyes.The Portuguese was born in 1999.For that year, the coach already raised his two older children.Diego Simeone accumulates five descendants.Clarifies that when he directs, he forgets that he is dad.Atlético Madrid has the boy forward, 120 million euros paid him.In each party, the press or the campus or the leaders or the public wonder why it is not the holder.It is 2020 and they were not yet league champions.Twenty days makes it arrive and from the rojiblanca intensity you already want to escape: "Sometimes I go to bed and, I tell myself, Caray, I was so good there".There was Benfica.Back to the past does not exist.Now it is in front of the vocal chains of a myth that slaps it with such an Argentine narrative: “If I put on you and injure yourself, the fault is mine.If I put on you and I get missing ten minutes and we won, the fault is mine.If I don't put you, the fault is mine.They are going to criticize everything you do with you.But get away from that.I need you close to me ".The thesis of distances may be the secret of Cholo's eyes.This week, fourteen months later, in the Champions League, he put it as a starter.

There is a toast.On January 6, 2021 they fell against the Cornellá, of the third division, for the Copa del Rey.It is the tenth season of Cholo and La Cháchara about whether it is the last one has more suspense than the paper house.The allei squeezes his teeth against a torn Barcelona and a Real Madrid that says goodbye to Zinedine Zidane.They resurface from mud.Champions come out.They are celebrating.There are jokes.A footballer breaks intimacy and asks:

- Why isn't it always nice? - Because later I have to be the boss again.

It was 2011.He had gone to spend a weekend with one of his children to the Argentine coast.I was abandoning his second stage as Racing coach.The phone rang.Years ago, he had assumed that the day they called him from that phone would be because they were desperate."We need you," Miguel Gil brought him.He asked to think about it.Already knew.Got into a bar.He supported his retinas in his child, in a coffee and in some croissants.He opened his soul to tell him what was happening to him.Giuliano divered the invoice in the infusion and replied: "It is that if you leave, do not turn more".Girls don't lie.

We all have a feeling that defines what passion is.Humidity in the hands.Chest beats.Orgasms.Simeone's is weird: “The best state is when you are afraid.It makes you better.It makes you rebellious.Forces you to reach the level.Being quiet is toxic.Being relaxed is toxic.Believe that you are better toxic ".Paraphrasing Eduardo Galeano, there is his utopia.When he landed, his goal was for the Zafara team to descent.It stabilized.They obtained the 2013/2014 League.The next day, the story muttered: "Now, we have to try not to spend 18 years without winning again".The previous party had been in 1996.Cholo was one of the referents of that squad.

César Ferrando had arrived from Albacete.He lived his first experience leading to a big team.Cholo loaded 34 years.His second stage as a club footballer.Had migrated from Argentina to twenty.An entrepreneur squeezed him with an offer from Pisa.There were no cell phones and he couldn't hit his old.He closed his eyes, recalled the photos he collected from Italian football and put together a suitcase with summer clothes because he did not warn that it was not the same station in Europe.This week, 34 years of the day they debuted in Vélez.He deserved a good chance in his land.All his life went from Racing and longed for that pilcha.That constituted one of the reasons to leave.The other, the feeling that hindered the coach.Sometimes, you have to let fly.

The eleven of Simeone | Cenital

His game began in the imagination.I was in Lazio.Sven-Goran Eriksson led to a group that conquered series A, the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup.Simeone sat at the table of his house.I played like a child with figurines.He spoke to a fantasy squad.Organized practices.He indicated.I had turned three decades.He was aware of the magic of his personality.I already wanted to direct.

If he was outlined as a cult to know how to breathe underwater, his first game as a coach represents a symbol.A few days before, I sweated as a racing footballer.The coach was Teté Quiroz.I quit.It was the third time they proposed to be a technician.He felt that this time he was serious.Assumed.Sunday played against Independiente.Made a great first time.In the second one happened against what still fights: a crack, Sergio Agüero, disarmed a solid collective structure.It was 2-0.The meeting did not end.There was violence in the stands.Two Pancho posts thrown into a pit.Stones.Cholo hugged his own.I asked them to take care of.Three defeats in a row.Shuffle and deal again.Until he won and the team took off from the average of the descent.

Mention those inaugural days to get away from the mote as defensive.Talk about the case of Students of La Plata.With Pavone, Calderón, Verón, Galván and José Sosa in the same eleven.Repeat your furious attack in River.With Abreu, Alexis Sánchez, Falcao and Buonanotte.Some Spanish hose may be eaten.His throat is argant argent.Without dissimulation.Don Victorio Spinetto, master mind of the lower Vélez, shouted Cholo in a practice.So I remain.There was a notorious right side in Boca, Carmelo Simeone.He inherited his nickname.He doesn't even know why cholos are called cholos.His children tell him old.He his own calls them by the last name: Simeone and González, respectively.

Be called defensive it bothers him.It is football, Buenos Aires and Madrid, so he accepts that free expression on the ball is constitutional terrain.Its principles are not necessarily to protect themselves.Believe in collective structures about individuals.Prefers a 0-0 than a 5-5 full of errors.If they consult what a good player is, he replies: "He who improves others".The idea that there is no attack and defense but the sport assumed as a whole.He usually uses the Catalan coach to justify a part of his thinking.In an encounter, the doubt was released on the decision to locate Lionel Messi as a centrodlantero in Barcelona."If not, in the important parties, they always go on the side of our end right because they know that Leo does not mark," he says he said.Catch Me If You Can.

There are two athletics from Madrid.The first is the 2014 champion.In the Camp Nou.Against Barcelona of Tata Martino.It covers the Europa League of 2012.He quotes that squad as an idols: Juanfran, Godín, Gabi, Koke, Falcao.A team that never decomposed its 4-4-2.The time exposed him to rant against the Cruyffista and Catalan school: "The possession of the ball is not interested in anything".I asked the screams for the center with the mooring label.Became strong with his.Landed two Champions League finals.None of those seems to him the greatest milestone.

On May 17, 2013, his heart exploded.The Copa del Rey had nowhere to dispute.They offered old Vicente Calderón -Now, they are local at the Wanda Metropolitano of the largest real estate group in China-.It is assumed that localities were missing.They sent them to play the final against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu.They were chasian that there would be ticket equity.Lie.They were visitors.Those things like.At 13 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo opened the marker for meringues.Too early for a built team for counterattack.Dead or tomb.Diego Costa matched it at 34.And, in the 98th minute, already in supplementary, already in the post infarction, João Miranda sealed the story."It was a way to change the history of clubs," he admits.For those who think that winning reaches, does not feel it like that.Nothing more than your perception is different."Telling me defensive is hanging a sign without deepening," said Cristian Grosso, the best interviewer of Argentine journalism.

"Titles can and want everyone, but it's not the most important thing," he thinks.What beats him is the project.That its players work in a given scheme.That those who chose.These days, repeat that message to all.Because Antoine Griezmann returned from her brief passage through Barcelona.The fans who went to the Champions League meeting in front of Porto fagged him.With the Frenchman, he joins a friendship.The two smallest daughters in Cholo are friends with those of the striker.They share the school.Simeone intended his return.And he will put his chest for him.

Change the stadium, two leagues, the two Champions Finals and the two Europa League.In eleven seasons, he modified to the club's budget.Real Madrid was called the Talonario team.He used the same expression for Barcelona's fortunes.Until in the last two seasons a template valued at 755 million euros according to TransferMarkt.The German site highlighted this week that it is the coach who managed to receive more money for sales for their teams: 1180 million euros.His two top exports were Griezmann to Barcelona for 120 and the side Lucas Hernández for 80 sticks to Bayern Munich."Little by little, it is true that we became a carrier team, but we did not go to look for Hazard, who was 30 years old, but we put 120 for João Félix, who is a boy of 20," excuse himself as with shame for shameRico's armchair.

The second Atlético is last season.“With Luis, we enter the 'Suárez area'.He is accustomed to these games and has hierarchy to be able to do it, "lethal confidence in the Uruguay.The breadth of talent in the attack led him to focus on the rival field.Find spaces, hold attacks, open the court, get tired of going to the end.There is a certain sector of coaches that define practicalism to adapt to the resources that are professed above the ideology.Cholo is in that place.The tremendous squad demands that horizon.

His last great incorporation is Rodrigo de Paul.He knew him because he always looks at Racing's games.I conceived it as a left end.It didn't work for him.I almost never use wines.The Italian football champion changed the sheet.Began to function as internal.That loved it.That typical speed distinguished by those who work on the sides fit him perfectly to have good defensive and offensive transitions through the center of the court.In order to adapt intelligence.Maybe, he found a piece that fits him.

If this cholo's profile piece does not detail anything other than football, it is because it is almost impossible to find that slit in it.If he quotes a movie, he takes her to the ball.If you mention a book it is because something has to do with the game.If you send a friend to a friend by WhatsApp, it is about sport.As soon as you rest for a while to chat about your daughters.On July 5, 1995, the birth of his firstborn Giovanni was lost.It hurt so much that it now persuades its players not to miss the births.

Simeone chain eleven calendars in a substitute bank that could be an electric chair.The problem is that he has more volts.After a parate, he entered the property.Gathered each of the employees.Everyone demanded: "From now.

It was clear that I knew the end of the movie.

Post court pizza

That was all.

That we give us a hand for our laburo can help us a lot.

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