They have started a new life in this 2021 in Madrid, but separately.Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero starred in one of the most surprising ruptures of the year in the month of March."Our couple love takes different but not distant paths since we will continue together in the wonderful task of continuing to be dedicated parents, as we have done so far," they said in a joint statement the twelve of that month.They also claimed that "respect, affection and friendship will always remain".And they have fulfilled their words to Rajatabla.Since then, installed again in Madrid, they have taken different directions, but without losing sightathlete's birthday) and especially what they profess for their children, the center of their life.

Sara Carbonero and Kiki Morente, first images together

Kiki Morente takes the comments about his relationship with Sara Carbonero with humor

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This cordial relationship they keep also thinking about the good of their two children, Martín andLucas, seven and five years old, is reflected in the beautiful words they exchange.Sara has said that she doesn't have to say ugly things about her ex."Everything is normal, all natural, the relationship that has to be so great," he said.In addition, he said that children "are phenomenal, very happy" because "everything is very calm and very well".This tranquility to Sara, 37, is given her profession and personal stability.Two years after his last contact with communication, he premiered in January on Radio Marca with which the dance followMoreno, Dani Martín and Marwán, one of the idols that love the journalist.

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A new illusion

El cambio de rumbo de Sara Carbonero e Iker Casillas tras su separación

To this radio facet Sara Sara his commitments to fashion, because he continues to wear thousands of women with the garments of his clothing firm SlowLove, who created with his great friend Isabel Jiménez and who continues to launch new collections every season every season.His friends have been his fundamental support in a year in which he has not only faced his separation, but a health problem that led her again to go through the operating room in the month of February.Then Iker Casillas did not separate from their side (the couple had not yet separated their paths).Time passed and Sara added plans and vacations with Raquel Perera and singer Kiki Morente, among many others.It is said that it has become more than a friend, although both have been very discreet in regard to their relationship.Although in September the first images of both of them were captured, it was not until only a few weeks ago when, with a half smile, the journalist detailed, upon arrival at the man's gala of the 2021 of the magazine Esquire, what he hadto have a man to get his attention."Sense of humor, honesty and sensitivity," he listed, three characteristics that, he said shyly, has the artist of Granada, who also attended that same party.

We discover who form the new gang of friends of Sara Carbonero

Iker Casillas returns to Porto and travels the places where he was happy with Sara Carbonero and her children

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Your reinvention after leaving football

His childrenLucas and Martín occupy the most important place in Sara's life and also from Iker Casillas, 40, who, just as the journalist does, combines her professional commitments with the time she spends with them.Outside the playing land, Iker has returned to his alma mater, Real Madrid, where he exercises as an ambassador of the white team.He has also surprised by his great capacity for business because his investment in Idoven, whose objective is to prevent heart problems in people and athletes of any level (something he suffered in 2019 when he had a myocardial infarction while training), he joinsHis participation in Kognia, a company that revolutionizes tactical analysis in football.These two projects join an innovative investment portfolio, such as Iker Casillas Academy S.L., company created on March 5, 2021.As its corporate purpose indicates, it is dedicated "to the development of activities to promote the sports development of children and adolescents".

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In September he opened its first training center for goalkeepers in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), a project that is born from the collaboration with the Fursan Hispania FC team, which also directs the former soccer player Míchel Salgado, and which was presented at the headquarters of the Sports Councilof Dubai with the presence of the secretary general of the institution, Saeed Hareb."Today is a great day for me.I have always been clear that I wanted to help children, young and professionals to train in football and achieve success in an honest and good values.A project with which to return part of what has been learned.And today, after a lot of work and effort, he has come true, "he said.

In 2018 Iker granted an interview with Forbes in which he talked about his assets and his facet as a investor."I have never liked to presume, neither in the sports field nor in the staff.Lo que tenga cada uno, que lo administre como pueda y como crea conveniente, y si tiene la oportunidad de que esa pequeña inversión le de un buen rendimiento, habrá que felicitarle y ya está", dijo entonces.At the moment, the athlete is focused on these exciting projects and his children, also stating that the relationship with his ex -wife Sara Carbonero is marked by love and respect.

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These are the three 'super women' in which Sara Carbonero takes refuge after the separation

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