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An abandoned industrial ship in a suburb of Stockholm.There is little light and a lot of atmosphere.There will be no more than two hundred people from public, but they squeak as possess.Many are ultras of football teams, who come to the evening with balaclavas with the colors of their team.In the center, work fences mark a perimeter.And inside, two fighters proceed to beat a beating.

There are no protections in the corners.For not having, there is no ring: they will fight on the pavement.Nor will there be a protection account if one falls to the ground, or coach who relieves the wounds with ice between assault and assault.In fact, there are no assaults.No rules.They will be leaving until one of the two surrenders or is unconscious.

It is the new fighting club.The bloodiest inANDurope.It is called Kots, which is the acronym for King of the Streets (king of the streets).It is a kind of UFC, those mixed martial arts that Connor McGregor practices, but with much less glamor, budget and security measures.A championship that, as its name indicates, goes from street fights.Participants are usually hooligans from different clubs inANDurope, although it is not a sine qua non condition to fight.The absence of rules is its differential element.

Muro de pago

In this bloody show, fighters from all over the continent participate.And Spain is being placed among the countries that send the most representatives to the event.There are four, for the moment, the men who are part of the national cast of Kots fighters.The first was the ‘Pirrakas’, which is a member of the Bukaneros (Ultras del Rayo Vallecano) and one of Pablo Iglesias' trusted men.Known for setting a guard at the galapagar chalet door and intimidating the people who concentrated there to protest.The Pirrakas debuted in January under the name of Lister and faced a Lithuanian fighter.The Madrid took less than half a minute to be knocked out.

But not all Spaniards have run the same fate.There is some success case such asANDstébanez, an ultra of Deportivo Alavés that won the first and only fight he played.Now another ultra of the Vitorian team that is called Guda has just been incorporated.The three are 'Antifa' and compete for the Randa team, which is a brand of combat clothing created in Malaga.There is a Spanish room, who fights under the name of ‘Suárez’ (his last name) and has nothing to do with Randa or with the other three 'antifa' fighters.In fact, it is in the antipodes;Suarez is presented as 'Madrid Hooligan' (a south ultras faction) and is a member of the extreme right -right group 'Canillejas Youth'.

The Spanish goes into Kots, the most violent of all contact sports events.Despite being clandestine, the visualizations of their social networks fight for millions counts.They are defined as "the most select fighting club in the world, where you can win metallic awards".An award whose amount is never made public and that only the one who remains standing.There is not a euro for the loser, which sometimes leaves serious injuries.

No one talks about Kots

“The first rule of the fight club is: nobody talks about the fight club.The second rule of the fight club is: nobody talks about the fight club.The third rule is: the fight ends when one of the contestants shouts "tall", loses the vertical or makes a signal ”.

A bloody fighter expires a fightoutube

It is one of the best known appointments of the fight club, that book by Chuck Palaniunk that was later taken to the cinema in a movie starring Brad Pitt.What happens with Kots is similar to the first two rules: nobody talks about Kots.At least with the press.Neither the Swedish organizers, nor those who have created the Spanish team.The former gave the quiet for response when contacted by this newspaper.The latter, the Spaniards, rejected the proposal in bad ways.

Kots is wrapped in an aura of secrecy.There are no tickets for sale;The only thing that can be acquired is streaming broadcast, by the traditional PPV system (vision payment).To access live fights you have to register on the page or in the mobile application and acquire a pass that is worth 18 euros.Until you pay, they don't tell you when the fight will be played.

Los cuatro ultras españoles que pelean en KOTS, el club de la lucha más sangriento deANDuropa

They are held in uncomfortable places, with some intimacy: the latest events have been carried out in abandoned industrial ships on the outskirts of Stockholm.But evenings have also been held in the upper plants of public parking lots.It was there that the hosts began.Because that goes the Kots: Hosts.The images leave no doubt.The amount of blood seen is not comparable to any other sport.

The fight itself does not take place in a ring.Not even in an octagon, as is the case in mixed martial arts.The kots fights are disputed in the cold ground, on the pavement of the industrial ship on duty.There is no parquet that cushions falls.There are also no strings or protections.A perimeter of fences of works is all that there is to separate the noisy hobby of the fighters.

A kots fighter.AND.AND.

No rules

King of the Street follows the first two rules of the fight club, not talking about it.And the third?Almost too.The one that says that the fight only stops when a contender shouts "tall" or loses the vertical.ANDn el caso del KOTS, la organización es bien explícita con respecto a las reglas: “No rules; golpear en el suelo y el grappling [agarre, estrangulación y luxación de las extremidades del adversario] por supuesto que está permitido”, cuentan en su web.

Another difference with respect to mixed martial arts (MMA), where 3 or 5 assaults are disputed, is that there are no rounds here.ANDl combate da inicio cuando lo dice el árbitro y concluye cuando hay un KO, cuando uno de los dos luchadores se rinde, o cuando el árbitro decide para la pelea.They are the only assumptions in which the fight stops.If any of these cases is given, the fight continues until it falls.

The organization only imposes two standards: the first is that each contender will be measured to one whose fighting style is similar to that of the opposite.An expert in taekwondo will fight against another taekwondo expert.One that practices Muay Thai (Thai Boxeo) will do it with one that practices the same discipline.And so on.They fight, by the way, without gloves.Some even, without adequate clothing: they go out to fight in jeans.

The other limitation they put in the Kots lies in the weight of the contestants: there can be no more than 5 kilos of difference between the two."If you weigh 75 kilos, you can fight with rivals that range between 70 and 80," they point out.However, there is also a bloody exception for both rules: "If it is a fight in which two people want to solve their differences fighting each other, we will not care about the difference in weight or the combat modality".

ANDn KOTS no hay ring; unas vallas de obra marcan el perímetro de la zona de combateKOTSFIGHT.COM

Hooligans fights

¿Quién pelea en KOTS?ANDn principio, el que se atreva.There are no more requirements.But Kots has ended up being known in the world of contact sports as "the UFC of the Ultras of Soccer".Because most of the fighters come from there.Thus the latest fashion ofANDuropean ultras groups continue: stay to ditch.A custom that was born between radical fans of Russia and Poland, and that has run like gunpowder in the Hooligan world in recent years.Without going any further, the radicals of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid starred in one of these fights in a forest before the last Madrid derby was played.

Not everyone comes from the stands, because many have no link with any equipment.Those are simply called ‘Streetfighter’ (street fighter).But in the cast of fighters that Kots has, what abounds are the hooligans of differentANDuropean football teams.There are, to name a few examples, ultras of the Brondby (Denmark), of Lille (France), of the Slavia of Prague (Czech Republic), of the two German Borussias (the Dortmund and the Moenchengladbach, whose representative, a beast called Mac, fightsWith the shirt of his football team) or the Kiel, also German.

ANDstebanez, uno de los españoles que combaten en el KOTS.AND.AND.

¿YANDspaña? Paradójicamente, a pesar de ser el país más alejado de Suecia de cuantos participan KOTS, se está convirtiendo en uno de los que tiene más representación en este evento. Cuatro son los luchadores que proceden deANDspaña.They proceed, without more, because there is nothing similar to a ‘Spanish team’.On the contrary: the Hispanic representation is made up of four fighters, three of them call themselves 'antifa' and are the same team.ANDl cuarto es un boxeador madrileño que forma parte de un grupo de extrema derecha

The Spanish

ANDl español pionero en estas lides fue un íntimo amigo de Pablo Iglesias.This is Iñaki Jiménez ‘Pirrakas’, one of the strong men of Bukaneros, the radical fans of Rayo Vallecano. Iñaki Jiménez es un habitual a las puertas del chalet del líder de Podemos, donde lleva a cabo tareas no oficiales de seguridad e intimidación de los manifestantes que van a protestar a las puertas del chalet, tal y como explicamos enANDLANDSPAÑOL.

Lister, también conocido como 'ANDl Pirrakas'.AND.AND.

The trajectory of ‘pirrakas’ in Kots has been disappointing. Suyo es el dudoso de honor de haber perdido una de las peleas más rápidas de estos eventos,ANDl ‘Pirrakas’, que se presenta como “Rayo Vallecano Hooligan”.To fight, he uses the name of Lister, that Galician military who became captain of the Red Army of the USSR.Bad luck caused the ‘Pirrakas’ to be paired in his debut with the Lithuanian fighter Vytaautas ‘Kapa’ Kubilius, who surely does not keep a good memory of the Soviet occupation of his country.Vytaautas shattered ‘pirrakas’ in less than 30 seconds.

The next two are ultras babazorros (that is, from Deportivo Alavés).ANDl primero se hace llamarANDstébanez y cuenta con un bagaje de victorias sensiblemente más digno que el del guardaespaldas de Pablo Iglesias.ANDstébanez solamente ha disputado una pelea y ganó.It was against a Hungarian who fights with the nick.

Frank Suárez.

ANDl otro está a punto de debutar.It also belongs to the radical fans of Deportivo Alavés.He calls himself Guda, which in Basque means war.It has not yet been released.And he will do it precisely in a kind of fratricidal struggle against another Spanish 'roakie'.This is Fran ‘My Loca Loca’ Suárez.A boxer that is presented as ‘Madrid Hooligan’, which is a faction of Ultras Sur, and that belongs to 'Youth Canillejas', the ultra -rightist group that won Pablo Iglesias.Suarez and Guda will face each other in the next evening.It will be shortly, but it is not known when, because that is also a secret.The Kots organizers themselves warn it on their social networks: "Do not ask the date: pay your fertilizer to have more information".

Civil war

Behind these fighting there are several combat clothing brands.The Kots organization is carried by Askari, which is a Swedish firm.ANDnANDspaña tienen a unos homólogos que se hacen llamar Randa.ANDllos son los que han montado el equipo de tres 'antifas' (ANDl Pirrakas y los dos del Alavés) para pelear en Suecia.It has recently popularized by the identity of the extreme left fans.ANDspecialmente de Bukaneros.

One of the few breath areas in the Kots.AND.AND.

ANDLANDSPAÑOL ha intentado hablar con los responsables de Randa, que rechazaron la propuesta de malas maneras.They concluded that they don't talk to journalists.Although they don't talk to journalists.ANDLANDSPAÑOL ha podido saber que Randa es una marca de ropa de combate que nació en Málaga en 2015 y fue creada por jóvenes que proceden del mundo ultra.ANDn Madrid se vende en una tienda de Vallecas llamada Bestiario.They are faces, not suitable for proletarian pockets.

With empty hands

Así, cuatro españoles van rumbo aANDstocolmo para partirse la boca (o que se la partan) en la próxima velada de KOTS. ¿Cuál es el premio por ello?ANDs dinero.As Kots announce on their page, gladiators fight for "Metallic Awards".But neither do this data make it public.Not even the one who pays his fertilizer."Do not ask too much about money: you will have the information when you register on Telegram to fight," the organization warns.A money that only perceives the one that is standing.ANDl que pierde no ve ni un euro.

Kots has been for two years, but it is now when he begins to enjoy popularity. Las hinchadas de clubes de todaANDuropa van preparando a sus soldados más salvajes para que representen allí los colores de su equipo.ANDxplican en las redes que será este verano cuando se celebre la velada más grande de cuantas se han organizado hasta la fecha. Una especie de Champions League de las hostias, con los principales equipos deANDuropa defendiendo el escudo de su equipo.At the moment, the ray has lost in a humiliating way, the Alavés is the only one who has scored ... but soon he will face Real Madrid.Everyone fights for being the king of the streets.

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