The most used detergents in the home to wash and disinfect

Detergent is a basic product in our domestic cleaning kit. The most used is the washing machine, which helps us remove stains and the most embedded dirt from our white or colored clothes and, in addition, leaves a pleasant aroma on the garments. But neither can we forget those made for the dishwasher and for washing dishes, glasses and cutlery by hand. The same happens with those used to disinfect and sanitize the bathroom and kitchen.

This Ariel in capsules for the washing machine is a good example. It is sold in a savings pack for 114 washes, it is very efficient as a stain remover in cold water and leaves a very pleasant aroma. For all these reasons, we have chosen it as the best detergent in this comparison based on user opinions. These Fairy dishwasher tablets also deserve a special mention for how easy they are to use and how shiny they leave glassware. But more alternatives. Here we will talk in depth about the most interesting ones.

The best, our choice: Detergent capsules Ariel

The best capsule detergent of the Ariel brand according to the opinions of Amazon users. It has an average score of 4.6 out of 5 and 78% of 5-star reviews thanks, as Iván indicates, to the fact that “it is sold in a savings pack of 3 boxes for a total of 114 washes”. But not only for that. Each capsule also contains stain removers and is effective even when washing with cold water or at a temperature below 30º C. In addition, it is capable of removing even the most embedded dirt, sanitizing clothes and leaving a fresh and pleasant aroma. As if that were not enough, Jesús adds “I have been using it for years because no other preserves the original color of the garments so well”.

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Second option: Concentrated laundry detergent Colon

Now we go with the best Colon brand liquid detergent for Amazon customers. His average grade is 4.5 out of 5 and he has 74% of maximum scores. “It is valid for white and colored clothing. It is recommended for the washing machine, but I also use it to wash by hand" Yolanda says of it, to which Manuel adds "buying the bottles individually, it can already be considered a detergent with good value for money. But, acquiring this pack of 5 units, it is very cheap”. Specifically, its total duration is 170 washes, it provides luminosity to clothes and leaves a fresh and light fragrance on them.

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Alternative: Colon Liquid Laundry Detergent

The second best Colon brand gel detergent based on Amazon user ratings. “It leaves an unmistakable Nenuco cologne fragrance on clothes. I love it” Ammi tells us. In fact, it can be used in baby clothes and, like the previous one, it is valid for white and colored garments and maintains its effectiveness even in cold water. In addition, according to Claudio, “it quickly removes dirt and does not leave a whitish residue on clothes. 100% recommendable". It has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 and 61% 5-star ratings.

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Dixan aromatherapy liquid detergent

“I used to buy private label detergents, but my clothes hardly ever came out of the washing machine well. This one comes out to me at almost the same price if it is sold in a savings format and, honestly, the results are excellent”. This review, written by Tina, perfectly summarizes the main virtues of the best liquid detergent of the Dixan brand according to the comments of Amazon consumers. It has a 3.9 out of 5 and a 60% maximum rating. It is sold in a box of 4 units of 1.5 liters each with a capacity for 120 washes. Also, as Jessica adds, "it leaves a pleasant fragrance that mixes sandalwood and Malaysian orchid on clothes."

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Organic Laundry Detergent Botanical Origin

With 4.5 out of 5 and 74% of 5-star opinions, this is the best organic laundry detergent from the Botanical Origin brand for Amazon users. Dani says of him that “I am allergic to some cleaning products. I am relieved to know that this has been dermatologically tested.” In fact, it has the Ecolabel certificate, which guarantees that it does not contain brighteners or artificial colors. 97% of its ingredients are natural and biodegradable and it does not leave abrasive chemicals on clothes.

The container of this detergent for domestic use without soda and without caustic potash has been made from 50% recycled materials and can be deposited in the yellow container. In addition, in Clara's words “each bottle lasts 35 washes. I was surprised by its stain-removing power and its aroma of jasmine and lavender”

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Skip Liquid Laundry Detergent

Los detergentes más utilizados en el hogar para lavar y desinfectar

Based on Amazon customer reviews, this is the best Skip brand liquid laundry detergent. It has a 4.5 out of 5 average rating and 73% 5-star ratings. It is a concentrated product that is sold in XXL format. In total, “there are 8 liters of detergent, which is equivalent to 160 washes. The clothes keep feeling fresh for days and even after drying them in the open air”, as Sara indicates.

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Fairy dishwasher tablets

It's time for the best Fairy brand dishwasher detergent tablets. Amazon users give it a 4.7 out of 5 and 80% maximum marks. José Luis says of it that “it is surprising how its cleaning action removes dirt. It leaves the glasses shiny and with a very pleasant lemon smell”. In addition, it is not necessary to remove the wrapping to use them since it dissolves in contact with water. It is available in a savings pack of 5 bags of 25 units each (125 capsules in total).

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How to choose the best detergent and what to consider before buying one?

You will be able to distinguish the best detergents on the market taking into account the following purchasing aspects:

  1. Components. The best detergents are hypoallergenic and do not cause skin irritation. This is something that you should review in the product description before purchasing it, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you are going to use it to wash baby clothes. Also, if it is for a washing machine or dishwasher, make sure you choose a controlled foam detergent. So you won't have to worry if you pour more than the bill.
  2. Effectiveness. Obviously, until you try the product you will not know exactly. However, the opinions on detergents from other users like you will help you get an idea.
  3. Product quantity. If you are loyal to a product and do not want to change, buy a large quantity. As we have seen in this comparison of detergents, there are large savings packs that allow you to enjoy excellent cleaners at private label prices.
  4. Format. It can be sold in liquid, powder, pill or capsule form. The latter are the most effective when machine washing.
  5. Container. It must be recyclable. This is something basic to preserve the environment. It is also advisable to have a dispenser cap.
  6. Smell. Choose the one you like best. Of course, remember that, if the good smell is not achieved through essential oils, it can cause irritation in sensitive skin.
  7. Use. There are detergents recommended for white or colored clothes, for delicate garments and bedding, etc. If you are going to wash something very delicate with it, choose a product that is as specific as possible.
  8. Detergent price. There are very good deals on detergents that, for less than €20, will allow you to enjoy up to 150 washes.

What is a detergent?

A detergent is a substance that improves the efficiency of washing in water thanks to its physical-chemical ability to peptize. This means that, when diluted in a liquid, it extracts and disperses dirt particles present on clothes, dishes or any other object. All this, generally, without causing wear or corrosion on it.

types of detergents

First of all, we must distinguish between two types of detergents according to the origin of their composition:

  1. Ecological detergents. They are those that lack polluting and toxic substances for the environment and the human being. In fact, they are 100% organic and biodegradable. Marseille soap is a good example.
  2. Chemical detergents. They are made from synthetic substances tested in the laboratory and that, in general, offer a higher performance than organic ones. However, they contaminate and can cause allergic reactions in some cases.
The bargain in cleaning that throws its prices on Amazon after the rise in electricity EC

In addition, they must also be differentiated according to their format:

  1. Liquid detergent. The most used today.
  2. Powder detergent. The traditional. It is still selling, but to a lesser extent.
  3. Tablet detergent. It is recommended for dishwasher. It is a kind of compacted and super-concentrated powder detergent.
  4. Capsule detergent. It is an advanced formula derived from powder detergent. It reaches the stains better.
  5. Solid detergent. It is usually sold in flakes that are diluted in water. They must be inserted directly into the drum of the washing machine.

The most common types of detergents according to their form: liquid, powder, in tablets or capsules and solid

For its part, it is also necessary to differentiate between different types of detergents according to their pH:

  1. Neutral detergent. Its pH is 5.5, that is, the same as that of human skin. For this reason, it is hypoallergenic and its use is recommended when washing delicate clothes for children and adults.
  2. Acid detergent. Its pH is less than 5.5. It is recommended for difficult dirt stains caused, for example, by very fatty foods such as oil or fried tomato. It is also the ideal for floors.

What are the most common detergents to clean the house?

Here we show the most common and tell you which are the best brands of detergents according to their type:

  1. Laundry detergent. Ariel, Dixan, Skip and Colon.
  2. Detergent for the bathroom. Clorox and Ecover.
  3. Dishwasher detergent. Finish, W5 and Somat.
  4. Detergent for the floor or floor cleaner. Dettol and KH-7.
  5. Dish detergent. Fairy and Mistol.
  6. Furniture detergent. Soon and Cif.

What are the components of the detergent?

Generally, they are divided into three classes:

- Anionic. The most useful at the domestic level.

- Non-Ionic. For dishwasher only.

- Cationic. It provides the detergent with disinfectant properties.

- Antofiferous. To protect the skin.

- Silicates, polyphosphates and carbonates. To soften the water.

- Perborates. Stain whitener.

- Fluorescent. To prevent white clothes from yellowing.

- Sodium sulfate. Prevents powder detergents from caking.

- Enzymes. Especially indicated to break down the proteins of food stains.

- Perfume. To give scent.

- Foaming agent. It prevents too much foam from forming during washing.

What products should I buy to clean the house?

Beyond having the best detergents for washing machines, dishes and dishwashers at home, it is recommended that you have the following products on hand:

Fabric softeners so clothes come out fresh, soft and smelling good from the EC washing machine

In addition, you will need all these utensils to carry out the cleaning:

When should I clean and disinfect the house?

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different things, although you usually use them as synonyms. These are their differences:

  1. Clean. It is a process by which an object is cleaned in order to remove the most obvious dirt, such as that left on the counter after cooking or on clothes when we stain them. Each action must be performed as soon as possible, that is, daily.
  2. Disinfect. Here it is about eliminating bacteria, germs and other microorganisms harmful to health that are invisible to our eyes. It is done, above all, in the bathroom and kitchen. Once a week may be enough.

How to make homemade detergent?

Although there are many cheap and effective detergents, many people choose to prepare their own. In fact, it is easier than you think. For example, you can prepare homemade detergent for the washing machine in the following way:

  1. Fill a pot with 3 liters of water.
  2. Add 250 grams of Marseille soap and a tablespoon of baking soda. This last ingredient will be the one that provides disinfectant character.
  3. Heat the pot. Stop the fire when it is about to boil.
  4. Let it sit for 24 hours.
  5. Ready! You already have approximately 3 liters of totally organic and natural washing machine detergent.

Water, Marseille soap and baking soda are the ingredients needed to make homemade detergent.

For its part, you can also make homemade detergent for the dishwasher very easily:

  1. Put 100 grams of baking soda in a jar.
  2. Add 10 drops of lemon and 2 drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil.
  3. With a knife, stir constantly to prevent it from caking.
  4. If you want to form it into dishwasher tablets, put the powder in an ice cube tray and compress it using a spoon. Afterwards, leave it for a couple of hours in the freezer and you will be able to extract them comfortably.

When you're done, all you have to do is put the detergent in the dishwasher dispenser so that your plates, glasses and cutlery are completely clean.

Tricks to clean the house without using chemical detergents

The best chemical detergents are very useful in many situations, but they are not always essential. These are some examples in which you can replace them with natural products:

  1. Joint and tile cleaner for the bathroom. Mix 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 150 grams of baking soda. It will be a kind of paste. Let it act for 10 minutes and then rub the most blackened areas with a scourer.
  2. Oven cleaner. Put white vinegar on embedded oven stains. Then, heat the interior at 80º C for 15 minutes. Open the door and, with a sponge, remove the dirt. If they persist, apply baking soda and lemon on them. Let it act for 12 hours and you can easily remove the last traces.
  3. Toilet cleaner. Sometimes unpleasant stains form on the bottom of the toilet. To remove them, you just have to boil a cup of white vinegar, pour it into the toilet and close the lid. Let it work for 20 minutes, and then air out the bathroom. You can remove those stains with the brush itself.

All you have to do is buy the best detergent for your home and enjoy the highest degree of cleanliness and hygiene.

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